Wood Descriptions



Bluegum chopped, all purpose wood. 

Ideal for open hearth  & Braaing. 

Most economical wood.

Incidentally this is the Bluegum



This is Namibian hard wood.  More expensive.

This wood is legendary for long lasting coals that you can rely on for a Perfect Braai!  



Some Facts about Sekelbos

Unlike Kameeldoring, Sekelbos Latin Name Dichrostachys cinerea is classified as an Invasive bush species. 

Invasive bush species in Namibia have made large areas of land unusable and have created a problem for rural farmers.

By buying and Braaing with Donkerhoek Sekelbos you are doing your bit to combat Bush-Encroachment in Namibia.




Blocks, mainly for open hearth fires in winter (Kaggel)

Also more economical as they burn slower and for longer.



All sizes.  Best for Kaggel fire in winter.

Off cuts mixed when in stock carries a special discount



Bluegum Wood Sizes


Our stock situation 


BlueGum - +/- 85% Dry  

BlueGum - Wet 

Black wattel -  Limited Stock

Namibian Sekelhout - 20 Ton