Automatic Weighing.

Our weighing system works like this.

Having registered you arrive at the farm, drive onto the scale (weigh bridge) stop and wait for about half a minute after which you hear a load ping.  

This indicates that we have taken a picture of your vehicle and the weight on the scale head.  This will be your empty weight.

You then proceed to the wood pile and load what you require.  Return to the scale and wait once again for the ping.  You may then proceed home.

If you require another type of wood repeat the process.  

Go to where the other wood lies and load the second wood type.  

Proceed to the scale and take a third weight.  

This will allow us to work out how much of the second wood type you loaded.  

So you can even proceed with a third type.

You then proceed to go home to a lovely fire.  

We will send you an invoice by email which we trust you will cover by EFT within 3 days please.

Please remember to update your details by us if anything changes!