For automatic all hour collections.  

To register please send an email to 

Or if you are going to come for the first time during office hours you can register at our office on arrival.

Mondays to Thursdays  8:00 to 16:30 & Friday 8:00 to 14:30



Telephone numbers

Address physical

Email address

Vehicle registration number(s)

Your name would be nice


Please note Nothing of this info will be shared or sold to any third party. It will only be used by us to send you your invoice.  Furthermore by  sending your detail to us you are not committing to anything other than once you have collected wood we would expect you to pay for the wood.!


More than one telephone number is better if we are busy delivering and we need to get hold of you.

More than one vehicle registration number if you have a bakkie or you are likely to collect wood with different vehicles.

Please remember to update your details should anything change.


People who are registered can come to collect weekdays 7h00 to 17h30 Gate closes @ 18h00

Saturdays 7h00 to 12h30 Gate closes @ 13h00 & Sundays 7h00 to 10h30 Gate closes @ 11h00